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Live Boxing: Khan vs Molina & Donaire vs Arce - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for updates and discussion on tonight's boxing live as it happens, featuring George Groves vs Glen Johnson, a solid undercard in London and Arthur Abraham in Germany.

Tonight's Schedule

Skeete-Symonds (7.10pm), Buglioni-Healy (8pm), O'Meara-Smith (8.35pm), Saunders-Blackwell (9.40pm), Groves-Johnson (10.45pm)

Abraham shown after.
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Alright lads?
@Jay, I'm logged in as you to watch this, is that OK?
Not watching this, well, I'm half watching. Skeete is a bore.
Cleverly having a cheeky look at the CHB forums.
:think Missed that, what happened?
Skeete calling himself Tommy Hearns now and referring to himself in the 3rd person. This kid is going places.
Cleverly is so fucking gormless on the mic. It's like he doesn't even watch boxing.
Gave your mother something shorter and narrower than a credit card.
I'm going to get it and then send it back straight away.

Buglioni still looking very basic. No lateral movement, cannot cut off the ring, very open to being hit and too sure of his own power, which is pretty average.
He certainty has the following to go all the way.

I only caught the second round, but they need to start looking I step him up soon
He's the new Kevin Mitchell. ;-)

Buglioni is mighty ripped too, so I reckon he'll atleast unify 2 divisions.

I haven't seen anything to suggest he can make it at British level. He gets hit too clean, his power isn't great, his movement isn't great. But he is still only learning
@Kevin Mitchell.
@Ishy Come to the darkside, son. Come on.
@Davimaru @diagnosismurder @EL MAS MACHO @Ilesey @moon @thelonious

Just my opinion of course but you guys that are reading this thread but not posting much.. should start posting more :thumbsup


Edit: :lol: @Bryn stole my idea
My first post on CHB. Hi guys.
:hi: Stick around for the card, dude.

What channel is Groves on then?
BoxNation, in about 2 hours.
Think this could be the fight of the night.

Any outcome is possible for me.
100% with you on this one. O'meara for me.
1 - 20 of 534 Posts
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