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Live Boxing: Khan vs Molina & Donaire vs Arce - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for updates and discussion on tonight's boxing live as it happens, featuring George Groves vs Glen Johnson, a solid undercard in London and Arthur Abraham in Germany.

Tonight's Schedule

Skeete-Symonds (7.10pm), Buglioni-Healy (8pm), O'Meara-Smith (8.35pm), Saunders-Blackwell (9.40pm), Groves-Johnson (10.45pm)

Abraham shown after.
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Ishy's round by round thread is shit. All those cunts still posting over on ESB now make me sick. Traitors the lot of them. Fuck 'em all.
Khan looked exactly the same to me. I didn't really notice any improvements at all to be honest. He made all the same mistakes where he just flurries with shots and leaves himself wide open. Just this time he was up against a smaller and not very good (but tough) guy. If he was against a Maidana, Peterson or Garcia (hell maybe even Prescott still) I think Khan would've lost last night.

But it was his first fight back since a big KO loss and he's only had one training camp with Virgil Hunter. So perhaps there's still time to iron out the flaws but I'm not convinced.

Unfortunately I think he'll lose badly again within the next 2 or 3 fights (unless he's kept away from the top competition which I doubt).
The few times he was pinned down by Molina, he showed he has been working on his inside game. Instead of just standing there and letting his opponent tee off before he spins away, he actually threw some punches!!

Other than that, he didn't really show any really noticeable changes. He was more composed with his movement in both defence and attack, but you can't really tell if that was down to new things being implemented or his opponent (mixture of both, IMO).
1 - 3 of 534 Posts
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