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Live Boxing: Khan vs Molina & Donaire vs Arce - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for updates and discussion on tonight's boxing live as it happens, featuring George Groves vs Glen Johnson, a solid undercard in London and Arthur Abraham in Germany.

Tonight's Schedule

Skeete-Symonds (7.10pm), Buglioni-Healy (8pm), O'Meara-Smith (8.35pm), Saunders-Blackwell (9.40pm), Groves-Johnson (10.45pm)

Abraham shown after.
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Conquest vs Dawson Result

Neil Dawson KO1 Tony Conquest.
Skeete-Symonds (7.10pm), Buglioni-Healy (8pm), O'Meara-Smith (8.35pm), Saunders-Blackwell (9.40pm), Groves-Johnson (10.45pm)

Abraham shown after.
Boring Bradley vs Chad Symonds on now.
Good start from Skeete. Working off the jab for most of the round, before starting to mix it up more towards the end of the round.

10-9 Skeete.
The fuck was Rawling on about then. It was clear than Skeete landed a right hand, and he's going on about Symonds.
@Roe's the kind of ****** who starts an RBR then doesn't do updates.

Palace drew 2-2, you twats.
Skeete wins TKO4, Symonds badly cut and dropped.
Good interview from Skeete.
We don't suggest shaving underwater, but you can.
I'm going to get it and then send it back straight away.

@slapbangwhallop in Healy's corner tonight.
Buglioni on yet?
On now. 1st round.
:think Who said this was a RBR?

I'm not gonna be in for most of tonight anyway. Just wanted to get the thread and article up on the front page nice and early :good

I'll be in fully for the Khan/Molina & Donaire/Arce "Updates & Discussion" thread at about 1 though. But probably not updating that either.

You're not Ishy.
Think this could be the fight of the night.

Any outcome is possible for me.
Does Callum Smith have a shit nickname like the rest of them?
Anybody watching round Garys? I heard there was cold n flu goin round there so I've stayed away!

I'm healthy.
Does Liam Smith have to fight the guy that got robbed against Cox now?
Yes. :good

"The winner of O'Meara v Smith will be required to defend against Obodai Sai, once cleared,within 90 days of that contest."
1 - 20 of 534 Posts
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