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Lomachenko Preparing For Pro Game

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Ukraine's Vasyl Lomachenko, who won a gold medal at super featherweight in the 2008 Olympics, and a gold medal at lightweight in the 2012 Olympics, is planning to retire from the amateur ranks in the spring. The 24-year-old fighter has no idea which promoter he will work with, but the boxer says his team was contacted by "every" major promoter in the industry. The boxer is regarded by many as the best amateur fighter, pound-for-pound, in the world.

"All of my thoughts are presently linked to "Ukrainian Otamans" (a new, Ukrainian franchise of the semi-professional World Series of Boxing under AIBA umbrella). This season gives me a chance to be matched up with a number of very strong, almost elite fighters. Only when it's over, after weighing-in all the options, I'll be able to say something certain about my future," Lomachenko said.

"I'm a two-time champion of the world, and right now I'm fully focused on professional boxing. Fighting without headgear, a helm, within the WSB, helps me to prepare better for the pros. Given that, I shall not return to the world amateur championships".

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Vasyl is crazy talented. Just dominant as an amateur and he has the style that I think can totally translate to the next level. Will deffo keep an eye on him.
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