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Lucas Matthysse vs Zab Judah - who do you think won?

Lucas Matthysse vs Zab Judah - who do you think won?

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No doubt Lucas Matthyse's closest fight to date and he looks to have improved since, but how did you score their first fight 3 years ago?

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Will rewatch but thought matthyse won like many at the time
i gave it to Judah by a cunt hair.

A draw or Matthysse by a hair wouldn't have shocked me a bit.

I had Lucas clearly beating Alexander, BTW.
Like the poll indicates, it could have gone either way. Certainly not a robbery nor a gift.
Will watch later as I havent actually seen the fight.
I haven't watched it recently, but remember feeling massively annoyed Judah got the nod.
117-112 Matthysse
How are you lot scoring 115-113? Did you do an even round or forgetting the knockdown?
I might have had it 115-112 then, can't remember properly, lost all my scorecards when Stella killed my last computer. It was close though - one or two points max.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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