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Macklin vs Alcine

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Macklin vs Alcine, how do you see this one going?

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Right, as im sure most of you know by now, Alcine-Macklin will be the chief support for the Chavez-Martinez fight, and the winner of the bout will most likely target Chavez or Sergio, depending on whos victorious. How do you all see this one breaking down? I think Macklin scores a late knockout, but I could see Alcine giving him a solid fight, base don his performance against Lemieux.
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I think, just like the angulo fight, alcine is going early here.

I'm one of them dicks who thinks his win over lemieux says more about how shit lemieux than how good alcine is.

Macklin is genuine top level at the MW division. I hope the winner of this fights the winner of proksa v barker.
Tend to agree, although Macklin isn't a huge puncher he's also more naturally suited to 160. Can't see any way Alcine can win.
no but there was that guy who is a similar level to alcine that macklin bombed out in a round. can't recall his name though.
^^^ Asikainen. Macklin just caught him cold early.
that's the one, but he was seen as a tough euro level type, I think if Macklin catches Alcine early he'll finish him off.

Macklin tko <7
I'm not sure Asikainen could be described as 'tough'. I don't think he's durable, even aside from the Macklin debacle he didn't show great toughness.

Macklin should win this one comfortably. Maybe decision, Macklin doesn't turn over on a lot of his hooks.
tough as in step up, not tough as in durable.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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