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Macklin vs Alcine

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Macklin vs Alcine, how do you see this one going?

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Right, as im sure most of you know by now, Alcine-Macklin will be the chief support for the Chavez-Martinez fight, and the winner of the bout will most likely target Chavez or Sergio, depending on whos victorious. How do you all see this one breaking down? I think Macklin scores a late knockout, but I could see Alcine giving him a solid fight, base don his performance against Lemieux.
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Asikainen has a bit of a shit chin though losses to Gevor and Sylvester set that off. If anything I'd of expected Macklin to knock him out just doing it in 20 seconds came as a complete surprise. He should beat Alcine comfortably though. Never been a fan of his and agree with Luf that win over lemuiex was more down to him being not what he was billed up to be rather than Alcine.

Very good fight for Macklin hope he puts a show on for the US audience and get himself established over there.
I thought I read he was with Dibella now could be well wrong though.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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