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Macklin vs Alcine

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Macklin vs Alcine, how do you see this one going?

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Right, as im sure most of you know by now, Alcine-Macklin will be the chief support for the Chavez-Martinez fight, and the winner of the bout will most likely target Chavez or Sergio, depending on whos victorious. How do you all see this one breaking down? I think Macklin scores a late knockout, but I could see Alcine giving him a solid fight, base don his performance against Lemieux.
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Heres to hoping Mack brings his best and gets rid of Alcine within the first half of the fight. I assume that its going to be on HBO and a good performance could boost his popularity significantly among the Americans. Hes already got the makings of a fairly marketable fighter there as it is, what with his Irish roots and all that. He just needs to work on his Irish accent a bit more ;)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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