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Macklin willing to risk title shot for Chavez fight

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DEFEAT to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr could significantly delay a third Matthew Macklin world title shot, says manager Brian Peters.

"We're looking at Macklin-Chavez in May. Once you get on that level, it's a very elite level and you don't want to really step back from it," said Peters.

If he loses again he has to come back with another win. That's why Andy Lee needs a few wins to get going."
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The whole title picture is so much of a mess that Macklin is being credited for extra title fights and whilst Sergio was the main man in the division, their fight wasn't for any legit world title, just the daft diamond belt that is just given to whom ever the WBC feel like giving it to. Good contender fight though, macklin could outbox him but Jnr has the power to stop him, should be interesting.
and the ring belt which kind of signified (for me at least) that he was "the champ", although its not what it was, for me having the ring belt generally means you are the man in the division
It all depends, the Ring belt isn't recognized and whilst once it was regarded highly, its just as worthless as the rest now its become part of GBPs promoyion tool along with their worthless propaganda magazine.
Isn't recognised by who?

Oh absolutely agree it's rankings are whatever ODLH and Schaefer want them to be to sell their PPVs, but if you look at the current Champs all are worthy champs, Igarashi only had to beat Jaro but then Jaro won his fair and square
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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