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Maidana Lopez who wins?

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Tough one to call
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I think Lopez outboxes him. It's a very good matchup though.
It's gonna be a fun fight definitely.

I tend to agree, Lopez has the edge in the boxing department, he's also got a massive height and overall size advantage at 147 I think he's like 5'10 while Maidana is closer to 5'7! Maidanas been working on his jab and head movement which may help him some but really I think they'll be looking to take him out with the big right hand. It'll be interesting to see how Maidana's power is and how Josesito holds up to a flush right. I give Lopez the edge but won't be surprised if Maidana lands something heavy and stops him.
A few years ago Maidana would have sparked him. Not now though. Lopez points.
I agree, to be honest I feel Maidana moving up in weight is not a good decision for him, he's a little guy and his main asset (his power) is pretty much nullified at 147 against the bigger guys. By contrast, Lopez has filled out nicely and is probably a far sturdier fighter at welterweight.

Either way can't wait for this fight.
Bump for the new guys..
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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