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Who wins

Mallinaggi Broner 22nd June

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Just saw this has been confirmed, can Paulie pull this off?
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It's an alright fight, better than another guy like Rees. Hopefully he goes back down afterwards...though I can see him making a shit defence first...
Can't see Broner coming down to 135 after fighting at 147, he won't be back down lower than LWW.

I like this fight, mainly because of the intrigue of a big weight jump, but Paulie isn't exactly a big WW anyways. If he is planning on staying up at WW then it's a good introduction to the division.

Personally, would prefer any of the following over this fight: Burns, Vazquez, Khan, Garcia, Peterson, Matthysse. Could go on...
Tbf every single one of those fighters you've listed are already tied up in something else.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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