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Manny Pacquiao's Mother Blames Loss on Religion!!!!

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The mother of eight-division world champion and fighter of the decade Manny Pacquiao has urged her son to retire after his brutal 6th round knockout loss at the hands of Mexican rival, Juan Manuel Marquez.

"I have long asked you son, it is time to retire because you started boxing at such a young age. I always pray that he will stop. I asked God to tell my son to stop." She made front page news in the Philippines on monday when she said this "That's what he gets for changing his religion".

Pacquiao was a long time catholic who recently turned to the protestant faith.

(Proddy dogs proddy dogs never get a wash, if they do they think their posh) haha, fuck sake eh.
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Defo mate.......I'm a catholic, not through my own making like, catholic family and school shite an that. What the fuck is religion all about man.

How can you trust in something that you have no idea whatsoever is actually true?...Baffles the life out of me, just at that split second when you die, and its like, ohh, there is no God or Allah or whoever in whatever guise.....Well I just wasted my entire life then eh, bastard, oh well.

I really cant fathom it.
He is Ring fighter of the decade. Marquez is WBO fighter of the decade. Julio Cesar Cavez Jnr is WBC fighter of the decade. What a shambles:merchant[/QUOTE
]Hes the

Battered round the ring champ.
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