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Mathews vs Coyle July 13th Commonwealth Title

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Not seen much on here about this bout. Decent fight, haven't seen a lot of Coyle, but he's fond of his trinkets but he's fighting for a real one here against a seasoned campaigner at this level, I'm picking Derry here. Anyone got any predictions?
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I pick derry but 15000 fans might help coyle out in this one, wont phase derry though
I'm really not convinced it's going to do numbers like that.

If Jamie McDonnell can only get 3,000 to a world title in his home town, I just can't see it.
Luke Campbell is an incredibly big deal in hull, jamie went from the doncaster dome leisure centre to a fairly big stadium. I think campbell will do much bigger numbers than mcdonnell
I don't doubt that it will do bigger numbers I just really can't see it doing anywhere near to 15,000.

Ricky Burns only did 6,000 on Saturday night.
Somethibg ridiculous like 20k turned out just to see him with his medal, granted that was free but still. And with coyle, who is modestly popular in hull too i can see it doing big numbers
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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