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Matthysse moves to 36-0

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As many of you may know I've had a man crush on Lucas for some time, and I feel more justified now. Is there anyone who can stop this beast? It seems the only way to stop him is maybe to be a tricky southpaw? But even that only bides you time whilst he works you out
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Man the Judah fight was close. I'm sure ive scored it to both men but I might watch it again so I can have conviction on the matter.

That's rematch that should happen though, noone else has been as competitive with Lucas. I'd like to see him face Garcia. Defend against khan and Judah and then move up to face maidana then mayweather.
Yeah watched again just now and had zab winning 7-5. Most rounds were pretty easy to score but rounds 4&9 could have gone either way imo.

It was no robbery, like the Devon fight was.
Yes the Judah fight was close but what I will say on that is that was his first step up in class. The best name he'd faced upto that point was a shot Vivian Harris. Since that fight he certainly has improved.
it was and his improvement has been huge.

I think Judah fought smart though,kept him off balance with a constant jab and had probably the tightest defence hebuas ever employed. I think Judah bought into the matthyse hype before anyone cos he gave him shit loads of respect when few even gave him a chance.

Obviously Lucas would be favoured in a rematch but I dont like the notion that this should be universally regarded as a Lucas win. Genuine either way fight for me.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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