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Matthysse moves to 36-0

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As many of you may know I've had a man crush on Lucas for some time, and I feel more justified now. Is there anyone who can stop this beast? It seems the only way to stop him is maybe to be a tricky southpaw? But even that only bides you time whilst he works you out
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Like many I thought he beat Alexander and Judah (although the Zab fight was close) but before tonight I wasn't overly sold on Matthysse. I rated him and he was doing everything right, I just wasn't quite sure whether he was worthy of some of the hype he was getting. I think now he's proved it. And it's not just stopping Peterson, quite a few before have had Lamont hurt so it wasn't an amazing achievement to KO him but the way he did it I thought was special.

I'd also like to see him get the Mayweather fight, but the fight with Garcia to prove who's the proper #1 at light welter is also a great matchup.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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