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Max Baer

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Reading a book about Tunney at the moment and just read about Baer beating Primo for the Heavyweight Title.

For some reason I know little about him apart from the obvious fights.

What fights should I watch of his and what's the general feeling about him as a boxer and as Champion?
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Has there ever been a more lovable boxing personality than Max Baer ? Hell NO...Just imagine if Max Baer had half of Rocky Marciano's
spartan dedication to training, what with his great power and ability to take a punch, Maxie would be one of the greatest heavyweights...I vividly remember
watching Baer being introduced before a fight on tv, years after he retired. Maxie vaulted over the top rope into the ring...I remember thinking
"damn ,Baer is still in great shape ". Three weeks or so later, Baer suffered a massive heart attack and died alone in his hotel room...Today, Baer would have been
a sensation on television with his looks and amazing natural personality...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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