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Max Baer

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Reading a book about Tunney at the moment and just read about Baer beating Primo for the Heavyweight Title.

For some reason I know little about him apart from the obvious fights.

What fights should I watch of his and what's the general feeling about him as a boxer and as Champion?
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Must admit that almost everything I have read about him, obviously most of it concentrated around the Primo fight and the James J. Braddock fight and subsequent film, suggests that he had a love of life and a great sense of humour (the film portrayal of him is, however, at odds of a lot of the things I have read).

Found this last night.

Thought you guys 'ld get kick outta seeing Baer when he was a matinee idol in this cringe-worthy movie song-'n-dance number:

Oh dear....

Oh dear...

Oh dear...


Just imagine Vitali doing Singing in the rain!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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