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Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee

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Place your bets...
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:lol: You have to actually place it @Lilo
How do you do that? :eek:ops
You see the betting choices at the top yeah? On the right there's a box under stake with a "0" in it. Type in there how much vCash you wish to place then click ""Bet now" at the bottom of the betting choices in the middle..
@Lilo - I'm assuming you can see the betting options below..

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@Jay ??
You were having issues viewing content on the Front Page as well weren't you? I blame @Bryn - probably nobbing about with your settings
Tell you what, you PayPal me £51.00 and I'll put it on for you, sound fair?
Fuck it, all in on the Kessler KO, cheers for the tip, @Lilo. :good
Typical Geordie :-(

Anyone know proper odds for it?

The odds displayed are pretty accurate, beds odds available according to Oddschecker. I don't just make them up :lol:
:lol: @Lilo's got a lot to answer for if Kessler doesn't starch him after he basically guaranteed he would!
Bump - still time people

:lol: Good lad
1 - 15 of 30 Posts
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