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Mitchell or Burns Vs Khan

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I was just thinking about this and was wondering if you think either would be a good option for Khan in his next few fights? How would you see the fights going? I can't decide. Could be intriguing matchups and would suit Khan because they'd have to move up but would probably do so for the £. Would have thought Khan would be favourite over both of them on points if he jabs, keeps on the back foot and makes sure he throws a maximum of 4 two punch combinations a round. Would either Burns or Mitchell be able to walk him down and get to him?
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Khan would still beat both IMO. Burns is great at controlling fights from his range but I think he'd get picked off by Khan's speed (this is a fight where Amir's speed would actually be key). I'm not sure Khan would be able to stop Burns but do think that he'd widely outpoint him over 12.

I think Mitchell could cause problems if he gets his timing right but I'd favour Khan to break him down and maybe stop him late if Amir was anywhere near on form.
I think Burns has a chance against Khan to be honest, Khan would be favourite obviously but what can Khan do apart from throw a flashy looking flurry, he has been well and truly worked out, I don't see it working against Burns tight guard, Burns may even stop him?
Burns would have to change his style from what I've seen and Khan would have to carry on making the same mistakes as he's done in previous fights.
Well half of that would happen..
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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