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Mitchell or Burns Vs Khan

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I was just thinking about this and was wondering if you think either would be a good option for Khan in his next few fights? How would you see the fights going? I can't decide. Could be intriguing matchups and would suit Khan because they'd have to move up but would probably do so for the £. Would have thought Khan would be favourite over both of them on points if he jabs, keeps on the back foot and makes sure he throws a maximum of 4 two punch combinations a round. Would either Burns or Mitchell be able to walk him down and get to him?
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I could see maybe Burn's stepping up to have a go. It's a lot more likely we see Khan in with Brook though, I don't know how long Amir wants to fight at 140 for either. Mitchell shouldn't be moving up really, and I don't know if Burns will either, unless Broner becomes his mandatory again of course ;)
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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