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Mitchell or Burns Vs Khan

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I was just thinking about this and was wondering if you think either would be a good option for Khan in his next few fights? How would you see the fights going? I can't decide. Could be intriguing matchups and would suit Khan because they'd have to move up but would probably do so for the £. Would have thought Khan would be favourite over both of them on points if he jabs, keeps on the back foot and makes sure he throws a maximum of 4 two punch combinations a round. Would either Burns or Mitchell be able to walk him down and get to him?
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I think Burns has a chance against Khan to be honest, Khan would be favourite obviously but what can Khan do apart from throw a flashy looking flurry, he has been well and truly worked out, I don't see it working against Burns tight guard, Burns may even stop him?
Not sure about this. I havn't seen loads of Burns as i'm more of a casual but he doesn't seem like the type of fighter who takes the fight to his opponent and his power doesn't seem great at lightweight. If anyone has a chance of knocking Khan out it'd probably be Mitchell. Burns would have to change his style from what I've seen and Khan would have to carry on making the same mistakes as he's done in previous fights.
I may have overstepped the mark with the Burn's stopping him comment :lol: (not impossible though given Khans non existent ability to take a punch) but there is no danger of Khan not making the same mistakes, he will always make the same mistakes, his arrogance and general thickness will make sure of that, with the right gameplan its possible Burns would win imo.
Khan does seem pretty dense but surely now he'll make the adjustments, maybe we won't see him rolling under punches and bobbing and weaving but he can certainly go more cautious and knock off the macho shit when he gets tagged. That Garcia fight was still retrievable after the knockdown if he'd run for a round, and it takes him a round to recover when hurt. Burns or Mitchell would be good options, they're less risk than a lot of fighters out there, Khan gets a bit of respect for beating them and he should be able to clear a tidy profit for doing so. + as someone already mentioned, Burns can leg it from Broner if he doesn't fancy it.
Interesting to see serious debate on this. That loss to Garcia has really changed folks' perception on Khan's abilities. I think Khan would destroy Mitchell and win a clear, competitive fight with Burns.
You're probably right, Garcia was underrated and has more power than Burns or Mitchell and a come forward style. Obviously my hopes of creating thread of the year with my first post have fallen flat as a pancake, the better question is probably, do you see these fights happening?
These fights are never happening, no. Theres no reason for them to since they're in different weight classes and its only going to become more remote when Khan moves up again within the next few fights. Brook fight is definitely more likely, I think that'll happen as long as Brook does not lose. I can see Khan losing and taking that fight as a homecoming, or even if he wins and Brook continues to and grabs himself a strap you're likely to see it become a big draw.
The Brook fight would be massive, I'd make Brook a clear favourite in that. Who do you think Khan will rebuild against? Would have thought Mitchell would be an easy sell from the point of view of Prescott being a common opponent.
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