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Mod Voting - Results

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Voting was concluded, and 5 people were chosen.

Guys, I've seen the posts and threads on the matter, and I gotta be honest - how silly can it get?

I have said from day 1, I had a clear plan in mind, and that this is not ESB 2.0 or anything of the sort. I am starting to get sick of seeing the place mentioned - right now we're the majority, most of us came from ESB. Within a few months, we will probably be the minority on this board, and that is my aim. So all of this ESB talk is pure crap.

While I don't pretend for a second that I know best/won't make mistakes - I have a clear plan, I'm am working on developments behind the scenes with different people to take CHB far beyond the scale of a boxing site/forum, there is so much amazing potential in this place, and to go to bed, wake up and see everyone complaining so much over this mod identity thing is just disheartening to see, without even waiting to hear my reasons on it - while I may not have anyone's respect for those who associate me as my old ESB account (which is fair, respect is earned), however please respect the fact that I am putting a lot of my time, and money (and quite a lot of money, if you don't believe me - check out how much a vbulletin publishing suite license costs for one), and other admins and people behind the scenes are giving up so much of their time to make this place what it is. We're doing all of this with a clear plan in mind, and are genuinely trying to make the best of this opportunity.

I wanted the mod's to be anonymous for several reasons. There is ZERO correlation between a hidden identity in a moderator/admin, and their capability to do the job. All the mods were voted by you, the top 5. I wanted that to be the case, the mods then should be able to continue their forum lives as normal, and their alias would be able to step in where needed. It prevents a backlash from anyone on that particular mod, for following the rules that I set.

I don't want to put anyone in a bad situation, it's not cowardly, it's not a case of being able to abuse any power, but I need my mods, and admins to put aside any friendships, loyalties and treat everyone just as fair, and while they can do that from their own accounts, it opens up an avenue for shit talking behind back, relationship changes between posters, people asking for favours, people starting to be extra friendly towards mods.

I've already had issues with this, and it's not even 24 hours in. I need moderators to be assertive, fair, transparent, able to put aside own personal preferences/feelings - in order to potentially make a judgement call that can affect multiple people.

I felt it wasn't fair to ask them to do that, to expect them to do that, knowing that everyone knows who made that call, and with this being such a tight knit community to a large extent - I felt the aliases system was a good answer.

That doesn't make them unaccountable.

I am the site owner, every single thing that happens in this place eventually falls down on me, if the members do something that is illegal, it comes down on me, not you; if something happens and lots of members leave - that still ends up on me. If a moderator is unable to do his job properly, transparently explaining his reasons, that still ends up on me.

I've not put in this much time, money, involved as many people as I have, to allow that to happen.

As it is, everyone clearly feels it's important to know who the mods are, despite this, despite my admins operating, successfully under an alias, with transparency, with fairness, for the past week; rather than know why that mod made that particular decision.

I could tell you who every mod is on ESB right now, and it wouldn't make a bit of difference to anything.

That all being said, this has got to a point where it's pointless trying to keep them a secret. For now, with the exception of Roe, and Longcount - who have their own roles to play in CHB, the other admins will continue to act anonymously, until it's a unanimous decision to "come out". It's not up for discussion, there were no complaints beforehand.

The mods, in no order, as voted by you:
Flea Man

They are not to be treated any differently, and if they have to step in under "mod" mode, you will know about it.

Any questions - as always, pm me.


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