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Molina-Williams, Rios-Ramos and whatever else is on tonight RBR

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Molina-Williams anyone?

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Card starts in about an hour.
I've got Ocean's Eleven on.

They're just talking through the plan now.
RBR the action.
Which is the FNF one?

Just got back from pub and I'm not that tired anymore so might stay up
Molina-Williams is on FNF
They're in the ring now. Manny Steward looking a little nervous.
Oh no! The lights are out! WTF is going on?!
Back on!


Everyone's in the ring! It's like a riot in there.
Is this basketball in extra time or something?
'ere we go. Gonzalez-Mouton to start us off.
Round 1.

Mouton starts off really trying to load up that left hook. Missing with it though. Trying to pressure him but Gonzales has got the jab working early. Gonzales landed a few bodyshots during the round too. Oooh cheeky punch after the bell from him.

10-9 Gonzales
Round 2.

A bit of inside fighting going on here which is a bad idea for Gonzales in my opinon as Mouton is starting to land from the ropes. Gonzales is looking much better when he moves around. Still winning the round though.

20-18 Gonzales
Moving around the ring again now. Gonzales is landing some decent shots but not looking particularly good and receiving some shots too. Clearly wins the round though.

Atlas talking about how disgraceful it was that I got robbed last week.

30-27 Gonzales
round 4

Mouton still looking game, trying to load up on those single hooks but getting nowhere near close enough range-wise to land them. Getting back in close again here, Gonzales has pushed him back on the ropes, I don't really get why he's doing this as this is the only time Mouton is having any success. Mouton's best. Gonzales still won though.

Round 5.

Gonzales back to moving, mostly...when he moves Mouton can't close the distance at all with his single shot powered up hooks. Gonzales has more success towards the end of the round landing some big shots.

50-45 Gonzales
Disgusting wasn't it? Cost me the win.
We were robbed :-(
Round 6

Gonzales has a pretty good variation of punches he's throwing. Mixing it up between body shots, headshots, uppeercuts, hooks, jabs straight. Still getting hit though. Clearly winning, dominating even, but he aint nuthin special like.

Apparently Mouton was shot in the back of the head in the past!

60-54 Gonzales
Round 7

Mouton has come out with a bit of a second wind here. Charging out with the left hooks, clearly wanting the KO that he needs.

Gonzales had about 45seconds to a minute of being back to how it was but then Gonzales has gone back on the inside again, Mouton banging away with body shots.

Mouton round for me.

69-64 Gonzales
Round 8.

Closest round in the fight imo. The rest were pretty clear 1 way or the other. Gonzales has got the best of it though with his 1-2s and ring generalship. Ooooh Mouton lands 3 or 4 big left hooks at the end of the round, seems to hurt Gonzales a bit (not near KO or anything though). It's too late though the round is over.

Could give that round either way I think. 10-10

79-74 Gonzales, not gonna be any controversy (surely!) Mouton got 2 rounds at best.

78-75, 77-75 and 77-75 all to Gonzales.
I'm so outraged at the decision that I can't even bring myself to watch the fight to decide whether it was a genuine robbery.
:lol: It's on the border between robbery and just a really shit decision. Can't see how they only gave Usmanee 4 rounds though, that's clearly suspicious as fuck.
Molina-Williams up next. Where is everyone? @Wallet @Roe get in here, swaggots.
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