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A lot of people on here say they are interested in a Froch v Ward 2, and feel that it will be a closer fight or Froch has a chance.

But people don't seem to think Haye has any chance against Wlad in a rematch.

Personally I'd rather see Haye/Wlad 2, I still think Haye can spark Wlad out if he lands a good one, it's just a case of Wlad fighting so tight that he doesn't give you a chance, but if they fight again and again I could see Haye eventually landing something.

As for Froch/Ward I don't see Froch ever winning that one.

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Haye never looked outclassed, just out worked. Of all of Wlad's opponents over the past several years, Haye is the only one who genuinely looked like he was in that class.

I'd pick Haye over Froch in terms of who'd be most likely to win their rematches.
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