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Most interesting divisions in current British boxing

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Post our juiciest divisions and who makes them JUiCY
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Heavyweight - David Haye, Dereck Chisora, Tyson Fury, David Price - all could potentially make it at world level and are usually entertaining in and out of the ring.

Light Heavyweight - cuz I'd like to see a Cleverly/Bellew rematch.

Super Middleweight - Froch is our best boxer at the moment and I still like the DeGale/Groves rivalry as well as other names like Brian Magee, Kenny Anderson and Paul Smith. Some good matchups to be made between the domestic guys there.

Middleweight - probably the division that pisses me off the most in British boxing right now but there are some potential classics providing they're given the right promotion. Macklin, Barker and Murray need to hurry the fuck up and finally fight one another.

Welterweight - Brook/Khan should probably happen at this weight, hopefully next year. Then below that you've got prospects like Gavin and Heffron and other solid guys like Purdy and Vassell.

Lightweight - Ricky Burns is getting better every fight, Rees is talented and exciting and after that you've got the likes of Mitchell, Murray, Crolla, Walsh and Mathews who would all match up well together.

Super Featherweight - Gary Buckland leads the way but Sykes, Simpson, Foster, Smith, Lindsay, Truscott and Appleby make for entertaining scraps between them all.

Featherweight - Lee Selby is one of the most exciting prospects in Britain right now IMO. If he does fight Lindsay next year that'll be a good fight where Selby should come out on top. There's not much else to test Selby at the weight yet but Joe Murray and Jazza Dickens look like solid contenders with a bit of potential.

Super Bantamweight - Frampton and Quigg lead the way here and that would be a great fight and it'd be very interesting to see who comes out on top. Kid Galahad still has a lot of improving to do but with a platform like Channel 5 behind him, it might not be long before he gets serious recognition.

By the way this thread has just given me an idea to start writing a few articles for the site. Over the next few days I'll try and do a write up of the status of each division both at world and domestic level. Might make for an interesting breakdown and get a few new people to the site :good
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