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My Boxing Mystery only Sherlock Holmes MIGHT solve !!! Robinson/Bobby ***** ?

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I have posted this before, but it deserves another shot onTHIS forum...This truly occured to me...
In the early 1950s, an event happened that will puzzle me forever...I, and a buddy now deceased saw Ray Robinson decision a very good WW contender
Bobby ***** at an outdoor Arena in Coney Island, B'klyn, NY...I remember vividly recalling at the event that Ray Robinson fought Bobby ***** ONCE
before in Chicago on TV in Nov, 1950...And Robby won a decision over the lanky Florida boxer Bobby *****...I remember so clearly that
Ray Robinson was late arriving at the match, and about 1 hour later I watched from the top of the outdoor Arena Robinson arriving with his entourage
in a Fuscia colored Cadilac , hustling into the dressing room late..This I saw from the top of the stands peering down...
The fight was uneventful, but the mystery is this fight I SAW has never been recorded in any record book or box.Rec, and try as I could, no record exists
of this bought I watched in the early 1950s...I know from the record books that I have and from some boxing historians, that Ray Robinson did beat a
Billy Brown on Sept 4, 1950, TWO months BEFORE Robinson beat Bobby ***** in their first fight on tv ,Nov 8, 1950...
The fight I saw I recall was years after Robby beat Bobby ***** in 1950...So my mystery has never been solved...An immortal like Robinson
fought a bout in Coney Island Arena against a major boxing figure like Bobby ***** who once whipped Kid Gavilan, which I certainly SAW and
there is no record of this bout...Both Robinson and Bobby ***** are both dead and they would have solved my puzzle were I able to contact them..
A mystery to me indeed...My Bermuda Triangle...
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Just to clarify so I know when I next do a google - he fought him twice, the second time in Coney Island, NY?

And Bobby Brown is a different fighter who he did fight at same venue which is acknowledged and recorded?

Bobby ***** 1 - recorded/chicago
Bobby Brown - recorded, coney Island, ny
Bobby ***** 2 - not recorded, coney island, ny
@Burt Brooks - do I have it right? Sorry if I'm coming across as thick - but I'm terrible with boxing history in general :lol:
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