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my david haye report with press and fan scores

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*admin/mods please feel free to use my report on the front page of the site if yous want?*

firt off thanks again for the scores provided last night

my report is on my fightscorecollector blog (in the signature below), i got 63 fightscores for the Haye fight even though it finished early. 62 had Haye winning and 1 guy had the fight a draw when it was stopped.

i certainly got it wrong in my prediction as i never though Haye would be able to KO Chisora.

please feel free to add any comments

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Agree with dft. This was one of Haye's best performances. I don't see a case for him losing a round. Chisora kept a few competitive and never looked completely out of his depth, but there was a very distinct difference in class. I think Haye's so called stamina issues are overstated and people try to look for it in every fight. The commentators were questioning it the round before he knocked Chisora out, so apparently he was gassing when he pretty much ended a fresh Chisora's night with one left hook. Pretty dramatic!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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