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my david haye report with press and fan scores

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*admin/mods please feel free to use my report on the front page of the site if yous want?*

firt off thanks again for the scores provided last night

my report is on my fightscorecollector blog (in the signature below), i got 63 fightscores for the Haye fight even though it finished early. 62 had Haye winning and 1 guy had the fight a draw when it was stopped.

i certainly got it wrong in my prediction as i never though Haye would be able to KO Chisora.

please feel free to add any comments

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I had it 3-1 Haye going into the 5th. Gave Chisora the 3rd, but he was in the fight IMO
No he wasn't.
Haye dominated chisora more than chisora dominated Helenius. Marching forward, eating punches, landing one decent shot (and Haye was off balance) doesn't equal pressure. Soon as dereck opened up and Haye settled down the fight was over. It was never getting to the later rounds when one fighter is better in every single dimension than the other. Haye even out worked chisora! That was your game plan for the woman beating scum bag.
Agree with dft. This was one of Haye's best performances. I don't see a case for him losing a round. Chisora kept a few competitive and never looked completely out of his depth, but there was a very distinct difference in class. I think Haye's so called stamina issues are overstated and people try to look for it in every fight. The commentators were questioning it the round before he knocked Chisora out, so apparently he was gassing when he pretty much ended a fresh Chisora's night with one left hook. Pretty dramatic!
It really is the same old thing with Hayeters: he's either chinny, or his stamina isn't good enough. I've never seen his stamina go other than in the Thomson fight EIGHT years ago, and the last time he was knocked down was against Mormeck FIVE years ago, which was as much to do with his balance as being seriously hurt. Yet, they come up again and again.

The thing I noticed, and pointed out, was how similar those picking Chisora were to those who picked Audley Harrison in 2010. Over the course of a few months, Chisora completely changed from the plodding, light-punching, limited brawler he is into Joe Frazier mixed with Mike Tyson. They started ignoring Chisora's own stamina problems and the fact that he'd been hurt in four of his previous five fights. You could forgive Helenius and Vitali hurting him, but Sexton?

A very strange set of reactions to this fight. Hopefully people can give Haye a little respect for doing the job in such style.
Breathing hard isn't the same as lacking stamina.
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