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my david haye report with press and fan scores

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*admin/mods please feel free to use my report on the front page of the site if yous want?*

firt off thanks again for the scores provided last night

my report is on my fightscorecollector blog (in the signature below), i got 63 fightscores for the Haye fight even though it finished early. 62 had Haye winning and 1 guy had the fight a draw when it was stopped.

i certainly got it wrong in my prediction as i never though Haye would be able to KO Chisora.

please feel free to add any comments

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With the Haye stamina issue......Go look at the video where Haye is stood in his corner after the bout had finished.......he was blowing out of his arse, and I'm a Haye fan....Watched it again last night and spotted it....
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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