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My site was 1 year old yesterday - Fightscorecollector

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Hi boxing fans, just a quick message to say thanks for supplying so many fight scores over the year for my site

Thanks also to the admin/mods on CHB for publishing my articles on here, cheers guys its much appreciated.

This year ive covered 40 fights and a few bills here in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Ive had numerous shoutouts by boxing radio shows/podcasts and have made appearances on some of them because of the site and the controversial fights.

I covered my 1st world title fight from ringside when Ricky Burns beat Kevin Mitchell in 4 and im hoping to get to many more in 2013 even travelling down to England for some of the bigger shows as when i cover a live event i will always try and cover every fight on the bill giving the undercard full exposure on the sites i post to.

Ive written a few articles which showcase the press and fan scores collected some which have been requested by prominant boxing writers such as Thomas Hauser. I hope again to add more of these in 2013 but im also looking for other suggestions from the fans on how i can improve my site and collecting scores from the press and fans.

Currently i collect scores from 13 boxing Forums/Sites and im lucky that so many boxing scribes take time to answer me back on twitter supplying their scores.

This weekend will see Donaire vs Acre fight. It will be the 41st fight i will cover this year. Its been a busy year doing this site with all the extra family and work stuff i need to do, stuff like getting married (yes i know im mad) and trying to fit in these fights into my daily plans with 2 young children and a 48hr working week. I love doing it though and hopefully my site can improve next year.

Thanks again fans of CHB, Really do like the site just like all i post on, please please keep posting your scores as i will always put them on the site.

Cheers and i hope everybody has a great xmas and a happy new year.

Bobby Hunter - Fightscorecollector
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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