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Name a Fighter from the Old Days and Rate Him in the Categories below

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Well, I did that before.....can be a modern fighter also, but since this is the Historic Boxing Forum, I think mostly we´ll name old fighters.....

Essentially name a fighter and rate him based on the following categories:

Defensive skills-
Offensive skills-
Ring Generalship-
Killer Instinct-
Body Punches-
Upper Body movement-
Range Fighting-
Opposition level-

Scale (choose the scale you want...this is just an example) :
1- VERY poor
2- Poor
3- maybe poor
4- Below Average
5 –just average
6- above average
7- Good enough
8- very good
9- Excellent
10-THE best, GREAT !

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Hilario Zapata

Jab- 8 (it was fine but wasn't always there)
Cross- 7
Uppercut- 8
Defensive skills- 10
Offensive skills- 7
Footwork- 8 9might come as a shock that it's not 9 bt I always thought he was never really about footwork, or maybe it was just overshapowed y his upper body work)
Counter-Punches- 10
Power- 5
Ring Generalship-7 (wasn't what he was about one bit in my opinion, he was good enough in the sense that wherever he was, he owned, but he didn't really dictate things from centre ring etc)
Combinations- 9
Feints- 10
Killer Instinct-6 (nothing wrong with him here, he just never hit heard enough to get them in that situation consistenty)
Body Punches-10
Upper Body movement-10
Chin-6 (hard to say really, he was one of the most outstanding defensive wizards on film, he was stopped 4 times, he was outpointed 6 times, he went the distance with the GOAT of these realms once too)
Range Fighting-9
Opposition level-10

I did it in accordance to what your ratings meant, so yeah, I think that's fair, no?
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he was fantastic Vic, for purely aesthetic reasons, it was like watching a less complete version of Pernell Whittaker but with all the flash value being maintained. That's not to sell him short, he is one of the premier fighters of the smaller divisions hidtory, meaning from straweight to super flyweight.
great post scouseleader, I was waiting to get to the heart rating, and you nailed it, 10 indeed. I feel strongly about that one so I was glad to see you see eye to eye with me there. One of the biggest fighting hearts in heavyweight history in my opinion.
Agreed mate. Every single time Holmes got hurt he just dug deep and kept going strong, even when he was exhausted late in fights he never ceased. Top heart.
Carlos Ortiz

Defensive skills-7
Offensive skills-9
Power-7 (am I underrating Ortiz here ?)
Ring Generalship-8
Combinations-7 (almost a 8)
Feints-6 (not sure about this)
Killer Instinct-8
Body Punches-7
Upper Body movement-7
Range Fighting-10
Opposition level-8 (almost 9, impressive opposition level IMO)

tough one to do.....
Vic, great entry, but I have to say, I've always thought of Ortiz as maybe the most complete lightweight of all time, in stylstic terms that is. He has a fantastic ring general, definitely deserves to be rated in the great category in that regard, which in the context of this thread would be a 10. I thought his feints were at least deserving of an 8. His body punching too, was quite prolific, against the likes of Len Mathews it seemed to be those investments that got him through those tough assignments. That was a golden era of lightweights too in my opinion, and he was the ebst of the era. As a fighter he was certainly more substance than flash, and was equipped to deal with any style, because he was so vaired himself. He could do it at range, where sometimes he's literally step in with a jab, then step back out, and he could do it in close, because of his great upper body strength. In fights like his bout with Joe Brown he showed he could literally spoil like a champ, and he just smothered his man, jabbing to get the point and moving off to offset him. He wasn't always the prettiest, but for me, all these different things, made for one of the most complete lightweights ever.

Just my opinion Vic, great post, I agree with most of it.
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All good points teeto, really...

I couldn´t remember too well of his feints when I put the 6 there.....wasn´t sure when I did it.
I think I´m a bit too harsh with the grades.....
Probably I should have put a higher grade in his defensive skills as well....
No problem my man, I actually haven't watched him in some time, I may give his footage a good viewing tomorrow. It's been too long.
Yeah, I'd say Zapata's chin was a 5 or a 6. He could be hurt, but only time I've seen him sparked was against the hardest ever light fly puncher and arguably the hardest ever super fly puncher. Both times he Rose from heavy knockdowns, so he was not flimsy, even though his length and awkwardness might've made him look that way sometimes.
yeah good post. Jung Koo Chang one of the full on best fighters of all time.
great post flea man, agree with all of it
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