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Name a Fighter from the Old Days and Rate Him in the Categories below

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Well, I did that before.....can be a modern fighter also, but since this is the Historic Boxing Forum, I think mostly we´ll name old fighters.....

Essentially name a fighter and rate him based on the following categories:

Defensive skills-
Offensive skills-
Ring Generalship-
Killer Instinct-
Body Punches-
Upper Body movement-
Range Fighting-
Opposition level-

Scale (choose the scale you want...this is just an example) :
1- VERY poor
2- Poor
3- maybe poor
4- Below Average
5 –just average
6- above average
7- Good enough
8- very good
9- Excellent
10-THE best, GREAT !

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Larry Holmes

Jab- 10 (One of the best in the history of the divsion)
Hook- 6 (Larry was never a great hooker, always remarked myself on the fact he lacked a left hook)
Cross- 9 (Marvellous straight right hand)
Uppercut- 8
Defensive skills- 7 (Showed some decent slipping ability from time to time, never really took too many shots)
Offensive skills- 7 (Good offensively but not much variety)
Footwork- 6 (Not one of Larry's strongest facets, could get sloppy)
Counter-Punches- 5
Power- 7 (Slightly underrated, but not the best the division has seen)
Speed- 8
Ring Generalship- 9
Combinations- 6 (Kind of sporadically put his shots together, normally just a 1-2)
Feints- 5
Accuracy- 8
Timing- 8
Killer Instinct- 9 (Larry had underrated killer instinct, when he got his man hurt, usually it didn't go the distance.)
Body Punches- 4 (Never really possesed a body attack)
Upper Body movement- 7
Chin- 9
Heart- 10 (Well he kept getting up against Tyson, that's good enough for me!)
Stamina- 8
In-Fighting- 5
Range Fighting- 9
Opposition level- 8 (One of the better Heavyweight resumes)

Never done one of these before so accuracy might be an issue :yep. Let me know what you guys would change.
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Man, I agree with everything you said !
I would say opposition level 7 though......but 8 sounds very fair as well.....
I wouldn't argue with that at all. I'm one of those who rates Larry's opposition slightly higher than most others.
great post scouseleader, I was waiting to get to the heart rating, and you nailed it, 10 indeed. I feel strongly about that one so I was glad to see you see eye to eye with me there. One of the biggest fighting hearts in heavyweight history in my opinion.
Agreed mate. Every single time Holmes got hurt he just dug deep and kept going strong, even when he was exhausted late in fights he never ceased. Top heart.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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