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Nathan Cleverly bus to Wembley

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Any of you guys booked up and going?

Either on one of the Clev buses or on your own coal?

I could have covered the fight from ringside, but as I'm on a bus full of people getting drunk - its best to join in. Got another writer covering it at ringside.

I interviewed Krasniqi and studied up on his fights, before hand, and while the guys competition is not great he can fight and I think him vs Clev will be fight of the show.
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Weird,weird bump.

But I like it.
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@WelshDevilRob Who did you write for?
This was from 2013 mate.

But I think he is with the ring24.
I know, hence the "who did you write for?"
And you think he will pop up with his first post for 3 years in a minute do you?
No idea, do you?
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