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'New Life of Brian' / 'Rule Britannia' / Fury-Cunningham / Trout-Alvarez RBR

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Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit. That's a lot of Boxing.


7pm - Joey Taylor v Sid Razak - 6x2 Minute Super-Featherweight contest

7.20pm - Liam Walsh v Scott Harrison - The WBO European Lightweight Championship

8.10pm - Mitchell Smith v Gavin Reid - 6x3 Minute Super-Featherweight contest

8.40pm - Paul Butler v Yaqub Kareem - The Commonwealth Super-Flyweight Championship

9.40pm - Steve O'Meara v Chas Symonds - 6x3 Minute Light-Middleweight contest

10.15pm - Nathan Cleverly v Robin Krasniqi - The WBO World Light-Heavyweight Championship

Follow on - Frank Buglioni v Darren McKenna - 8x3 Minute Super-Middleweight contest

Follow on - Dereck Chisora v Hector Avila - 10x3 Minute International Heavyweight contest
Sky Sports 1:

6.00pm Ryan Aston v Gilson De Jesus - LIVE on the red button
6 x 3 mins Middleweight Contest

6.30pm Thomas Stalker v Gyorgi Misei - LIVE on the red button
6 x 3 mins Light-Welterweight Contest

7.00pm China Clarke v Matty Askin - LIVE on the red button
10 x 3 mins English Cruiserweight Championship

Red button float
John Quigley v Craig Johnson
4 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight Contest

Red button/Live float
Callum Smith v Jody Meikle
6 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight Contest

Live on Sky Sports from 8pm:

Scotty Cardle v Maxi Hughes
10 x 3 mins vacant Central Area Lightweight Championship

Lee Selby v Corey McConnell
12 x 3 mins Commonwealth Featherweight Championship

Brian Rose v Joachim Alcine
12 x 3 mins vacant WBO Inter-Continental light middleweight title
Channel 5 run from 9:30-11pm, and I'm expecting Hughie Fury's fight to be shown first.

Boxnation go on at 2:30am for the Alvarez-Trout card. Figueroa-Cotto is due to start just after 3am with the main event to follow after.

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:lol: That gif >>>>>>>>

No Mijares mention in here is NAGL though.

This is nice, all of us here together. Reminds me of the good old days.
:hi: Bello Bryn, how are things bruh-ham?
Hello everyone really. You're all looking well this evening.

I've got the place to myself and it already looks like I've broken the oven and the dishwasher. I'm also attempting to ignore this girl I may very well love because she's EVT'd me to no end thus far and I've convinced myself that this is how I redeem it. Mijares is on later, totes excited about that.

That's all I've got, #IrrelevantThreadDiscussion.
Cardle has apparently dominated for the majority of the fight but Hughes has handled him a little bit in the last couple of rounds, landing a decent amount of really well-timed left hands as Cardle stepped in. According to commentary though Cardle has enough rounds in the bank as it is going into the last.
Nice of Nicky Piper to take 5 minute breaks away from Coco Austin to get some punditry in.
Tyson Marquez made a successful return earlier after the Viloria defeat, stopping Edgar Jimenez in the 3rd round. Apparently it was an eye-catching finish. Jimenez is the dude that had a great fight with Julian Rivera last year, I'd recommend it to any obscure midget boxing fans.

Marquez-Vilora II, anyone?
So I take it just about all the main events are finna clash in some capacity?
The size difference in the Smith fight!:lol:

Was this dude meant to be fighting at featherweight somewhere else?
Fury-Cunningham has begun, peeps.

Fury is at his most effective when he stays on the inside and pushes his weight down on Cunningham, otherwise he's forcing all of his work and just chasing USS around the ring, giving him a lot of space to get his cleaner work off.
Fury was starting to take over from like the 5th round or so. USS was already looking a bit gassed, Fury forced his weight down pretty well and has landed pretty nice shots under the elbows too. Came back well from a dodgy start. Ending was dramatic, and a tad illegal too.

Regardless of how much of a dick he is, I love having him around. He's such a weirdo and makes things way more interesting.
:rofl "Milpool". Legend. You should post more haha :good
:rofl This, so much this.
The girl in your avatar, yes please.
I hear that(you stay away, though :twisted).:yep

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2-0 Canelo for me. First was close, second much more definitive.
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