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Next opponent for Carl Froch

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Carl is looking for a stay busy / tick over fight until the Bute rematch, he was looking at Kessler rematch but it seems Kessler is demanding silly money for some reason. Options I have heard being mentioned are Thomas Oousthausen, Kelly Pavlik and Sakio Bika, all of those guys fit the Bill for a Froch fight in my opinion, it's just a case of which one.

Myself i'd like the Oousthausen fight, he brings the IBO title (minor, but still a belt), a top 5 ring ranking and undefeated record, plus he's got a following in South Africa and I think he'd bring a few fans over with him.

Pavlik would be second choice, although I don't belive him to have much left in the tank, and I think his "name value" is being overrated in business terms, I don't feel he'd provide much of a cash injection to a Nottingham fight, he would also probably ask for silly money.

Bika is third choice, he just doesn't bring much except a hard nights work, and an ugly mess of a fight.
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Froch should step up and fight Cleverly.
Cleverly should step up and fight someone
He was going to fight Sugar Robin Krasniqi, but had to pull out, these things happen.

Don't hate - appreciate.
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