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"The Untouchable" vs "The Hawk"
140lbs over 15 rounds

Ive never seen this fight discussed before, 2 of the best ever at that weight.

Defensive Maestro vs Indestructible Monster.

Impossible to hit vs impossible to stop

How would this fight go? A terrible stalemate or the greatest fantasy fight of all time?

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I think Locche is more suited stylistically here than Pryor is, for the sole reason that there wasn't really any style that was all bad for Locche in his prime. Antonio Cervantes, over the balance of their fights, simply had a nightmare with Locche, and Cervantes was a sharp-shooting jabber, that wasn't even what Locche really wanted in an opponent. Guys who come right at him, he love it, he was the biggest show off going.

Now I think thatif you're going to throw in fantastic skills aling with the aggression, then we would have consider that good work can be done against Locche, and Pryor had fantastic, underrated in fact, skills, he wasn't a swarmer like a Paul Wlliams who was all about an abundance of shots without too much finesse. Pryor had a fine jab andcould box himself. I think we could consider that Pryor could outwork his man, we could also consider that Locche, who I think has the best defense of all time, thrives, and when Pryor goes into boxing mode at range, he gets out-pointed, which could be the difference on the cards.

As it is, I'll conceive that Pryor can work too close to Locche over the distance to get it done.

Very reluctant though.
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