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An interesting 3 part series by Ted Sares on The series delves into the fighters who fought regularly, often losing & fighting under pseudonym's with many fights.

Mentioned are Reggie Strickland, Buck Smith, Simmie Black & others

"They called themselves the Knucklehead Boxing Club. When they could find a fight, they squished into Sean Gibbons's white Honda hatchback and drove to shows in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri."-Geoffrey Gray (The New York Times)

"As long as I come out of the fight okay and I'm able to count my money when it's over, I'm fine…I'm ahead of where I was before I got there."-Reggie Strickland

"I'm the last of a dead breed."-Bruce "The Mouse" Strauss (77-53-6)

"Fighting under different names is what we needed to do, to get paid…A journeyman, that's all you can really be coming up from here."-Verdell Smith (45-61-3)

"The only thing that you owe the public is a good performance."-Humphrey Bogart

Boxing Encyclopedia defines barnstormers in part as follows: "A barnstormer (or 'barnstorming') is a term used to describe a boxer who goes from small town to small town, taking fights, often against local heroes, for cheap, but frequent paydays."
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