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'On The Ropes' #174: featuring Jean Pascal, Naazim Richardson and Marco Huck

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Award winning On the Ropes Boxing Radio show returns with hostess Jenna Jay and special guest co-host Naazim Richardson as they discuss the latest boxing news, hot topics from the sport and upcoming fights! This week's 174th edition of the show features exclusive interviews with former light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal, reigning WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck and top boxing trainer Naazim Richardson. Be sure to tune in!


• Danny Garcia's huge upset win over Amir Khan
• Where does Amir Khan go from here?
• What's next for Danny Garcia? Possibly Floyd Mayweather Jr?
• Should Amir Khan part ways with Freddie Roach?
• David Haye's surprising 5th round KO win over Dereck Chisora.
• Did Haye redeem himself with this win? Does he deserve another title shot?
• Ricky Hatton is rumoured to be interested in a comeback.. should he stay retired?
• Naazim Richardson's light heavyweight view on Bernard Hopkins, Jean Pascal and Chad Dawson
• Preview of tonight's Adrien Broner vs. Vicente Escobedo bout. How is Broner developing as a fighter and who'll win this fight?

Listen now -
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What kinda numbers does this show get, @Toe?
Pascal's publicist is looking at all material related to the interview - both here and on Doghouse boxing. If we have a load of posts that basically slate the interview, the host(ess), and lots of other basic "hate" material (remember - they're just media publicists who don't know, nor care about interforum, and extraforum politics, they care about the reputation, and promotion of their clients - of which, a recent interview they did is now affiliated with CHB. So for now, at least, I've hidden any post which is somewhat 'off topic' towards the actual interview. I'm not intending to go full out censorship - only positive comments only, but stuff like what most of the thread contained - has to disappear.
So just to clarify, you're not doing 'full out censorship' you're just censoring negative comments? Oh, OK then. That's totally different.
if she can re-post her infamous thread about that the virgin who wanted to have sex with her for 2 years which got her banned i am willing to forgive and forget though.
Doesn't he own this site? jk jk
I really don't think, considering what robpalmer135 has stated about her cold and callous nature and her history of totalitarian moderation, that she should be allowed to promote her radio show and potentially profit from it here without first posting a picture of her boobs with my name written on them.
all those apposed to boxingbitch Jenna J change your signature to one like mine and dinamita
The only thing I'm opposed to is that awful spelling mistake, Robert.

4eels though I didn't even know this forum had signatures.
1 - 5 of 111 Posts
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