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Who will be the winners tonight?

  • Ortiz

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • Lopez

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Soto

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Matthysse

    Votes: 13 100.0%
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Anyone want to stay up with me for this? I'll even share my orange juice. But not my crisps. You can buy your own. Cheapskates.

I'll update this top post with my scores and thoughts as they connect less and less with reality. You'll enjoy it.

Victor Ortiz 146.5 vs. Josesito Lopez 144.75

Humberto Soto 139.5 vs. Lucas Matthysse 138.75

Soto-Matthysse has all the hallmarks of a great fun battle. Ortiz, well you never know. It could be a spirited fight or it could be Victor in "Please don't hit me" mode

Results so far

Omar Figueroa KO1 Alain Hernandez - Oscar De La Hoya says "What a knock-out by Omar Figueroa"
Jermell Charlo KO5 Denis Douglin - Dan Rafael, ESPN says "Very nice straight right from Charlo and it's over. Douglin's legs a mess when he got up. TKO5"
Michael Finney UD4 Joel Vargas - RingTV says "Finney wins by unanimous shutout scores of 40-36. Vargas won over the crowd, though. Tough fight for Finney, who needs to jab more"

Video of Charlo-Douglin

Dan Rafael, ESPN says "I'm picking Matthysse and Ortiz to win tonight's SHOsports fights"

Soto LKO5 Matthysse

1:10-9 Soto, using his jab, not landing much. Matthysse landing better shots, but not working as hard. Good finish from Soto.
2:20-18 Soto, good combos, hurts Lucas briefly, but gets his shots in against the ropes and hurts Soto
3:29-28 Soto, better combos from the Mexican, but Lucas landing more and controlling the pace. Excellent fight so far.
4:38-38, both men hurt each other but Lucas remains consistent. Great combos from Soto, great work at the end
5:46-48 AMAZING round. Soto nearly shades it until the last 20 seconds when M flattens him. No, wait - the corner stops the fight. Matthysse wins!

Great fight. TKO6 Matthysse - Soto has the skills, but lacks the size or freshness to top Matthysse.

Doug Fischer from The Ring says "Matthysse was having a good round, it became GREAT round for him when he dropped Soto, who is unable to come out for 6th. Those were some nasty right hand bombs that Matthysse smashed Soto with at the end of the fifth."

Steve Kim, MaxBoxing says "Lucas 'the Machine' Matthysse is a wrecking ball. A flat out destroyer..."

Abner Mares, WBC super bantamweight champion, says "Really good win by Matthysse .. He did his work."

Victor Ortiz - Josesito Lopez

1: 10-9 Lopez. Lands a couple of great shots and takes advantage of Ortiz squaring up and hurts him. Ortiz looking threatening but ponderous.
2: 19-19 Although Lopez got back into it and made Ortiz negative, Ortiz controlled most of that and did damage a few times.
3: 29-28 Lopez. Ortiz did a good job jabbing and potshotting, then Lopez let his hands go and did the better work.
4: 38-38. Ortiz in control for the most part, good combos and dictating the pace. Lopez looks tired but lands when he launches.
5: 48-47 Lopez. Close round but Lopez was the one working throughout and did the best work. But could see it for Ortiz. Vile foul.
6: 57-57 draw. Ortiz round.
7: 66-67 Lopez. This is a good fight. Ortiz hurts Lopez, then turns it on, beckons Ortiz in and wins the round clearly.
8: 76-76 - Ortiz does enough in a tight round. The big difference is his power, he hurts Lopez when he lands.
9: 85-86 - WTF is wrong with Ortiz? He hurts Lopez and he's the one running away!

Lopez wins, Ortiz retires. WTF!?

Here's what the fuck is - Lopez clocked Ortiz so hard at the end of the ninth that he broke the Mexican's jaw. It was a great fight until that point, with Lopez showing grit to stay in there with a harder-punching, much bigger opponent. Unfortunately, Ortiz got injured (benefit of the doubt, of course) and lost the fight, but to a very deserving opponent. Lopez came in with the right plan and underrated skills to take that win.

Bernard Hopkins, former MW and LHW champion, says "W0W boxing lol"

Elie Seckbach, E!News says "shocker! lopez gets victory on ortiz"

Jean Pascal, former WBC LHW champ, says (inexplicably and perhaps unrelated to this fight) "My friend's cat on the speed ball. Le chat de mon ami sur Le speed ball"

It's going to be hard for Ortiz. He shouldn't have been in such a close fight with a solid B-level guy like Lopez. Yes he was better than many fought but he's not an elite. The technical flaws that lead to these issues, along with his mental lapses (his fouling was genuinely nasty - he's always had that streak, it's not a recent thing), mean he'll never beat the best out there. It's a blessing for him he won't be facing Saul Alvarez.

Great fight though and I'm delighted for Josesito!

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I'm sure @Teeto believes those of us with orange names shall only enjoy this juice if it is concentrated.

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Soto's an excellent technician. A fight between him and Marquez at 135 would have been brilliant for the purists. I suspect he's a little too small for Matthysse. He'll use his jab and his feet to win the early rounds but Lucas' steady offence will grind him down. Could see a stoppage late on.

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I think his feet is his main problem these days can't seem to keep them going to get the breaks he likes. Can't dictate where the fight stays these days because of it. It's a shame he never got the fights he should especially since after the Guzman fight he could of had plenty of them.
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