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Ortiz parts ways with Garcia

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So where does Ortiz go from here. Which coach would best suit his needs?
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I thought the criticim and accusations of being a quiter in the aftermath of his last fight were a disgrace. However, he clearly, as said above, has a confidence issue and, though I hate this term of phase, a questionable heart. When the going got tough during the Maidana fight he lacked the conviction needed to carry on and quit and whereas most fighters would have been calling Mayweather every name under the sun and demanding a re-match after the cheap shot that ended it, Ortiz simply smiled when he got up and said to Larry Merchant, in other words, that it was acceptable.

Confidence and heart, not two attributes that many trainers can install in a fighter if they don't already exist in a man.

Manny Steward is a good shout. His recent work with Wladimir Klitschko is nothing short of a miracle. We all know that Wlad has the tangible skills required to make a success in the sport, but we also all remember the picture of him on the front of Boxing News after yet another KO defeat. To look at him now you would think that he a completely different person and that is down to Steward.

Roach is a no-no as he simply doesn't have the time left in him as a trainer to make an indelible impact and any of the Mayweathers is equally the wrong move as Ortiz would not thrive in their manic company.
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