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Paper Champions

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I was recently talking to @Roe about Vitali and wether he could retire saying he was Heavyweight Champion of the world without being undisputed champion. With all the politics and various different titles around now it is a very difficult and sometimes rare feat to be undisputed.

For instance can Carl Froch ever claim to be World Champion?

Or although some fighters only ever held one title they are still heralded as World champions where as others arent.
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There aren't many who cold claim to be a real titlist tbh. Every year it seems to be getting more difficult as well with warring promoters and sanctioning bodies refusing unification's etc.

I think at current only Wlad, Ward, Martinez and possibly Estrada could have a claim to being a real world champion.
i wouldn't discount Mayweather from that list either.
Nah, he's the obvious guy for No1 spot but he hasn't beat anyone to claim the title. He could have in Pacquaio but he didn't want the fight and Marquez was still a lightweight when he fought him. He'd have to beat Marquez and Bradley to do it now.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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