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Paper Champions

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I was recently talking to @Roe about Vitali and wether he could retire saying he was Heavyweight Champion of the world without being undisputed champion. With all the politics and various different titles around now it is a very difficult and sometimes rare feat to be undisputed.

For instance can Carl Froch ever claim to be World Champion?

Or although some fighters only ever held one title they are still heralded as World champions where as others arent.
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Even with Wlad there's a bit of a grey area because for as long as he's been "the man", the clear #2 has been his brother and they'll never fight for obvious reasons.
That's a ridiculous way to look at it. Treating 2 people as one like their records are the same. That's insanity.
It seems like insanity but it's not all that far off the mark.

Like he said, they have often avenged each others losses and even since Vitali came back 5 years ago, they've only fought 1 common opponent in Sam Peter. Meaning that Wlad hasn't fought what would've been decent challengers in the likes of Arreola, Solis, Adamek and Chisora. And they've no intention of fighting each other (fair enough).

Obviously they're different boxers with different styles and attributes but they really are like a two-headed monster. That's certainly how the media and the public see them and I think they'll go down in history as that as well.
i wouldn't discount Mayweather from that list either.
What weight is Floyd the champ at?
Maybe you could have that as a security question for registration to the forum to keep muggins like me away who search high and low for a decent forum and then decide to register because its not full off arseholes?!
:lol: What the fuck? That was a serious question. Personally I don't know if I see Floyd as a genuine champion at the moment. You agreed yourself that he didn't really beat anyone to claim the title.
Pacquaio lost his '0' before Floyd had made his professional debut.
:think Maybe that could be a security question for registration to the forum?
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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