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Paul McCloskey laughs at Khan's Mayweather chances

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Yes, Paul McCloskey.

"@Paul_McCloskey: I was cringing last night hearing Sky Pundits & Amir Khan himself embarrassingly trying convince everyone & themselves how he has a chance of beating Floyd Mayweather after he struggled against Julio Diaz never mind his defeats to Lamont Peterson & KO battering to Danny Garcia, am I missing something? #Whatajoke"
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But at least a) McCloskey has never said that he has the beating of Mayweather and b) he's right.

I guess there's no love lost there after he failed to get a post-cut rematch with Khan (not saying that he should have had it, by the way!)
McCloskey and Khan deserve each other. Pair of delusional twats.
Lol tough to disagree with the delusional part!!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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