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Person with the worst record to win a World Title

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I'm talking about a guy with a record of 2-10 or something somehow winning a world title.

What's the worst ones you've got?
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Freddie Pendleton had a record of 32-17-4 when he won the IBF lightweight title, although those numbers are deceiving.
That's pretty bad, I was sure there'd be a few guys with near even records popping up though...
Nah, I mean going into the world title fight.

The only boxer I can think of, who won a world title with a negative record behind him is Francisco Quiroz.

in 1984 he beat Lupe Madera for the WBA World light flyweight title with a 9-10-1-1NC record going in.
Bukkake takes the lead! Just looked him up and Madera's record wasn't great either when he won it at 35-14-1.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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