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Peter Fury: Tyson Fury big press conference coming up

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We will have some interesting announcements coming up for Tyson shortly, like his next opponent with a big press conference coming up in London.

Hughie is keeping busy with 2 fights this month on the 14th in Belfast & Romania on the 24th.

He will also be out in June again in Ireland and his first showing in the UK. That fight will be shown on channel 5. Hughie will fight for titles this year including Irish ones hopefully. Expect Hughie to move up quickly through the paid ranks and produce some big results this year!

I hope the fans have enjoyed what we have done over the past 17 months and were doing our very best to strive for perfection no matter how hard that seems. Thanks to every one for the loyal support and let's get more excitement in the ring coming soon.
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I wouldn't be surprised if he's given a klitschko fight after he looked bad against cunninham
Unlikely, Wlad's tied up with Povetkin and Vitali has to fight Stiverne if he doesn't retire.

Probably Pulev which is a brave move tbg.
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