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Peter Qullin vs Fernando Guerrero

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Does Guerrero have a good shot against kid chocolate? has he rebuilt enough since that KO by Grady Brewer.
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It's a good fight, not great or even as good as the N'Jikam match-up, but decent anyways. As Baj says it's extremely better than Quillin-Taylor, thank Based God that fight isn't actually happening.

Guerrero's evidently a pretty vulnerable guy but he's fan-friendly and hits hard. Quillin is a level or two above though I reckon, if the N'Jikam fight is anything to go by he's not exactly the greatest of finishers despite being very explosive and packing ample handspeed, but he should be able to stop Guerrero I reckon. With that said I guess there's still some danger in it for Kid Chocolate, he really loads up on his shots and backs up to the ropes without keeping himself in position to throw back(this happened A LOT against HNDNJ), Guerrero's always in great condition and packs formidable enough power in his own right. Regardless I can't really see Guerrero winning bar landing a hail Mary or something, at best I think he can give Quillin some bother and maybe make it a bit of a war before getting taken out. Could be a highlight reel type of finish.

Read somewhere that Marco Antonio Rubio is being lined up to face the winner. Assuming Quillin wins as convincingly as a lot of people anticipate him to that's a bit of an underwhelming opponent from me. Not exactly building from N'Jikam, then again he had so much difficulty there that maybe his handlers want to slow his progress. Just a bit bored of seeing Rubio touted for just about every middleweight that is coming towards the upper echelons of the division I guess.
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