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Boston Public Library Flickr Photo Stream has a number of old photo's including Jack Sharkey, Ernie Schaaf (who died after fighting Carnera), Lou Brouillard, Young Jack Thompson, John L. Sullivan, Joe Louis, Jimmy Carter, Jack Dempsey, Tony DeMarco & Rocky Marciano.

They are not action photo's (maybe 1 or 2 are) but outside & in gyms but are worth a look.

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Quality pics:

1. The Baer family ones are class, look like real characters

2. Dempseys right arm looks about 3 inch bigger than the other in the pic with his arms out

3. Carner finishing Schaff - ouch

4. I'm always amazed at how old Fitz looks now matter what age he is in the pic, rough paperround

5. Some of the randoms pics, 3 men outside a gym:lol: and one where its Baer v Sharkey and has two flyweights fighting

6. the picture of the old style event with horses mooching round the outside separating the sections is quality, as are the back garden home built ring pictures.

7. Johnson looks a beast in the picture that is labelled jeffries
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