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Diego Coralles vs Jose Luis Castillo I
Rafael Marquez vs Israel Vazquez II
Rafael Marquez vs Israel Vazquez III
Gatti vs Ward III
Concepcion vs Marquez
Lamon Brewster vs Liakhovich
Bernard Dunne vs Ricardo Cordoba
James Toney vs Vassily Jirov
Freitas vs Barrios

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Don't know but this is Number 1


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Manny Pacquaio v Juan Manuel Marquez I
Manny Pacquaio v Juan Manuel Marquez II
Rafa Marquez v Israel Vasquez III
Diego Corrales v Jose Luis Castillo I
Juan Manuel Marquez v Juan Diaz
Michael Katsidis v Willie Limond
Carl Froch v Jermaine Taylor
Miguel Cotto v Antonio Margarito I
Ricky Hatton v Kostya Tzsyu
Hernan Marquez v Luis Concepcion

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Jean Pascal vs Bernard Hopkins II - not a typical "classic" but it counts for me due to historical implications and whatnot.
Marquez vs Concepcion
Cordoba vs Dunne
Castillo vs Corrales I
Izzy vs Marquez as a trilogy(TRILOGY! 4th fight doesn't count, I won't accept it. No way. Nuh uh.)
Marquez vs Diaz I
Calderon vs Segura I
Monshipour vs Sithchatchawal
Cotto vs Margarito/Torres

Not really 10, but yeah........

There are other fights like Porpramook vs Yaegashi, Freitas-Barrios, Palacios-Misawa and others that were pretty shitting mental but I doubt they'll be universally recognised as "classics" fights. I'm sure I've neglected obvious ones too, as I tend to do.

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Froch vs bute because of all of the make and break elements etc, it's at less a British classic
Earl vs katsidis actually my favourite fight
Barrera vs morales
Ortiz vs berto
Moore vs macklin
Kessler bs Froch
Rios vs Alvarado was a great fight
I'm struggling to think now but, as much as people might disagree, khan vs maidana and khan vs Peterson were great fights.
Whether any of these are classics or not I don't know but they were great imo

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I think most have been mentioned.

I'll throw Israel Vasquez v Jhonny Gonzalez in there as well.

Vasquez down twice, and trailing by about a billion points, stop Gonzalez late. I thought it was a brilliant fight.
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