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Potential match ups through fighters going up in weight

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@ 140 Garcia V Broner

@ 140 or 147 Marquez v Garcia

@ 147 Guerrero v Marquez or Garcia

@ 154 Alvarez v Marquez or Guerrero

Which match would you prefer?
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Nah, Marquez at 154 doesn't sound like idea a great, he'd either be built like a brick shithouse or pudgy at the weight, and wouldn't be nearly as effective against the bigger guys like trout, Alvarez, Mayweather etc.

Marquez vs Garcia sounds tasty at 140, and I think Juan Manuel would fit in very nicely with all the other solid fighters there. Plus I think that would be more his natural weight.

Broner vs Garcia would be a very good fight in the future, but id like to see both try and clean up in their respective division's over the next year-18 months, before the inevitable move up by Broner again.

I wouldnt mind seeing Guerrero vs either of Marquez or Garcia either, id say he would make the fights at 147 or even 140 fine, and he'd have the style to give both guys some trouble. Think Alvarez should stick to fighting guys naturally his own weight or bigger. Stay away from the welterweights for once :good
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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