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Prince Naseem Hamed

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Post your sentiments on the prince. :bbb
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Very good, borderline great fighter, who kinda gets a bit underrated today. Probably one of my favourite fighters, almost all his fights had lots of action and was a he was a real character who brought boxing to the mainstream public in his home country. He could punch from any angle, had good reflexes, almost every punch in his arsenal and had legit one shot ko power and an iron chin. He was the best featherweight of the 90's by some distance, and id consider that era to be reasonably strong with plenty of good fighters, many of whom the prince beat. I think there's this false consensus by some that he was more flash than substance, which i think isn't true, he's a top fighter with a lot of heart. People judge him on his lost to Barrera quite a bit, and I dont think thats entirely fair.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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